Who is Capulet?

Capulet is Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot.

About Julie

Favourite place you’ve lived: Southern France
Alternative career: Landscape architect
Unexpected fact about you: I was a competitive figure skater growing up.
Favourite app: Yr.no. You’re using the wrong weather app. Trust the Norwegians.
Number of languages spoken: 1.68 (English = 1, French = 0.5, German = 0.18)
Irritating marketing trend: Spammy, nuisance push notifications to mobile devices.

About Darren

Coolest celebrity encounter: I shook hands and got a photo with Justin Trudeau at the Paris climate talks.
Best work of art:
I wrote a play about the trials of falling in love with an Irish girl.
Best concert you attended:
Cassandra Wilson at the Chan Centre. Her version of ‘Tupelo Honey’ was divine.
Unexpected undergraduate degree:
Double-major in Theatre and Creative Writing.
Favourite outdoor activity:
Rambling, in the British style with accompanying pubs.
Fascinating but worrying marketing trend:
Bot-based marketing.