Slides from My eBC Seminar

On Wednesday, I did a seminar called (somewhat dubiously) "Building 21st Century Websites with Blogs and RSS" at eBC. This is the second such talk I've given at eBC. A entry (and some video) on the first session are here. The focus of my presentation changed slightly, as did my slides. Plus, I promised some folks I'd post them, so here they are:

Borrowing from my previous entry, here's a list of sites that I mentioned during the seminar whose URLs may not have made it into the slides:

Technorati - Blogosphere monitoring tool PubSub - Blogosphere monitoring tool Feedster - Blogosphere search engine Feedburner - RSS stats package Bloglines - Popular RSS reader FeedDemon - Popular RSS reader NetNewsWire - Popular RSS reader for the Mac Northern Voice - Blogging conference in the spring

Based attendance and evaluations, people are apparently digging the seminars. eBC asked me to come back and do another one on April 6.