Five Issues Facing Communicators

John Wagner links to a post from IABC's new chair Warren Bickford about the Top 5 Trends and Issues faced by communicators. The post was based on an informal survey he conducted amongst fellow IABC colleagues. From #2, New Media:

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Well, it isn’t really, but much concern was shown over how to best utilize new communication channels - blogs, RSS, wikis, podcasting, etc. and whether or not what we are seeing is a revolution in communication or just a few new tools.

  1. Ethics
  2. New Media (technology)
  3. Splintered Media
  4. ROI/Advocacy
  5. The education/preparation of communicators

With all the talk of new media, blogging and RSS I was a little surprised (although pleasantly so) that ethics was at the top of the pile. Visit the IABC cafe for more detail on the comments that derive the top five list.