Slides and Notes from NetSquared Camp

Theo and I recently completed a research project regarding how NGOs can better perform on Facebook. I'll be publishing an article about our research shortly, and will link to it from here. In the meantime, here are the slides we presented on the research at NetSquared Camp. After the slides, you'll find a few notes about the research which couldn't fit into the article.

Some other observations we made in our research (which are also in the slides, as it happens)

  • Likes are obviously more popular than comments, which in turn are more popular than shares. We found that for every one comment, there were there shares and 11 likes.
  • The top performing NGOs published once a day, seven days a week.
  • Hardly anybody ever uses Facebook Questions, Facebook's poll feature. We encountered exactly two poll questions in the thousand-odd posts we examined.
  • The equation we used to measure engagement was:

    Engagement = Likes + (Comments * 2.5) + (Shares * 5)

    I conferred with a number of colleagues, and settled on these weightings. We all agreed that a comment was worth more than a like, and a share was worth more than a comment.

"Calculate It" image courtesy flickr user Dave Dugdale.