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Social Media Strategy for Online Community Managers

As our Social Media Marketing Masterclass series continues into autumn, we prepare to step back from our work around specific niche industries and focus on the work online community managers are doing collectively in their field. If your company or organization uses social media to reach clients, followers and supporters, then online community management is part of your work. You can click here to register for the online community management masterclass or read on to learn more about the workshop. More and more, we place value on creating successful online communities in business and the impact they have on our offline work. Our workshop will help you identify which tactics, channels and tools will help you succeed. We'll share proven strategies and techniques for growing, sustaining and engaging an online audience. In this one-day workshop, you will develop strategies that will:

* Help you decide which social media channels are right for your organization * Ensure that you implement best practices for engaging online communities * Introduce social media campaigning as a subset of online activities * Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure online activities and investment

This small-group workshop is designed for Online Community Managers currently responsible for social media channels and strategy. Strategy discussion, examples and best practices are customized for participants with an intermediate understanding of online tools and community management.

Where and When? 300 - 163 West Hastings St. (Entrance is at Hastings and Cambie, next to Bean Around the World) Hollyhock Room, 3rd Floor Friday, October 26, 2012 9:30am - 4:30pm Lunch and coffee served

Click here to register for your Social Media Strategy Masterclass.

Your Instructors Capulet staffer and expert online campaigner, Theodora Lamb and social media strategist Channing Rodman will lead workshop participants through a process for designing web-thinking movement marketing plans, strategies and tactics.

Theodora’s passion for non-profit causes led her to work in social media where she helps to strengthen online communities. She works with several organizations including the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as an online community manager and with Mountain Equipment Co-op’s on wilderness protection across Canada. She’s also developed online communities for the BC Mental Health & Addictions Services, the Women’s Health and Research Institute and the Asia Pacific Foundation. Theodora’s background in radio and television allows her to bridge her passion for storytelling, media and the web and when she can, she loves to write about redheads.


Channing Rodman is a social media strategist and writer. She works with non-profits and businesses to help them connect better on the social web, and can explain the point of Pinterest to your grumpiest executive. Since moving to Vancouver in 2009, she has helped to launch online initiatives for some of BC's largest public agencies and not-for-profits, including BC Hydro and the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Some of the themes she explores in her work include how to translate online activity in real-world action, serious games, and the future of memory on social media. She is a new parent, she loves libraries, and she will always tweet back to you.

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Social Media Master Class Series

After much planning, several trans-Atlantic Skype calls, and countless calendar updates, Capulet is pleased to announce a new workshop series that we call the social media marketing strategy master class series (now that's a mouthful.) Time and again, we find ourselves commending training opportunities and conferences that deliver tangible advice and real direction while criticizing those workshops and conference sessions that fall short of experience and new learnings in the field of social media.

We've taken the best of what we've seen and combined it with what we know to bring you five separate workshops. Each one is designed for senior marketing professionals in distinct industry sectors. Strategy discussion, examples and best practices are customized for each workshop and will be led by Capulet staff as well as individual instructors from our network of web marketing experts.

The calendar is up and, if you're game, we look forward to meeting and working with you to rethink and/or refine how you acquire customers and build online community using promotional techniques and smart digital strategy that resonates with a web savvy audience.

All workshops run from 9:30am to 4:30pm and are based in Vancouver in the Tides Canada building at 163 W Hastings Street. See "Upcoming Workshops" below for the complete list of sessions.

The following is a list of our upcoming workshops:

September 13, 2012 Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses
October 26, 2012 Social Media Strategy for Online Community Managers
November 23, 2012 Social Media Strategy for Healthcare
February 22, 2013 Social Media Strategy for Educational Institutions and Organizations
April 26, 2013 Online Movement Building Strategy for Not-for-Profits and NGOs


(This awesome photo is courtesy Christopher Sessums, a generous flickr user.)

Who Clicks Your Shortened URLs?

About 18 months ago, I did a pretty unscientific analysis on Mashable regarding the clickthrough rate for Twitter accounts. That is, when you share a link on Twitter, how many of your followers click it? I arrived at a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 1.7%. Looking at a couple of other sources, that seems quite accurate. It's safe, I think, to estimate a CTR of 1% to 2% for Twitter for a small to medium Twitter account (say, up to 10,000 followers).

It's worth considering Anil Dash's great analysis of being on the famed (and now deprecated, I think) Suggested Users list. As he notes, he acquired hundreds of thousands of new followers, but "being on Twitter's suggested user list makes no appreciable difference in the amount of retweets, replies, or clicks that I get."

As with all forms of marketing, quality of audience matters far more than quantity.

That's all a bit of a long introduction to this observation, which reminded me of a phenomenon on Twitter and other corners of the social web.

Earlier this week, I had a (quite unremarkable) tweet retweeted a lot.

As you can see from this page for the shortened link, it was clicked 3872 times. I'd never actually checked out the top referrers for this page--that is, where people were when they actually clicked the link:


As a second data point, here's a recent tweeted link that was clicked about a thousand times.

So, that means that 52% of the clicks came from that first big category, and 38% of traffic comes from the Twitter site. It's too bad that can't further unravel that first category, eh? How much comes from HootSuite, how much from SMS, how much from chat and so forth.

In our workshops and talks I give, I often have to explain to people that they should think of Twitter and Facebook as services or utilities, as opposed to websites. As we can see here, Twitter is water that flows from a lot of different taps, not just from