Fireworks Factory is being held at Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre on Cortes Island. Here are our recommended ways to get there.


Join the Carpool
We’ll be caravanning up to Cortes in carpools! It’s the least expensive way to get there and the journey is a perfect chance to meet friends on the way.

If you’re planning to drive, please consider taking others with you. They’ll contribute to ferry and gas costs. You'll find your road trip match on the Fireworks Factory carpool organizer website.

Fly Like a Rock Star
You can fly up to Campbell River from YVR South Terminal with Pacific Coastal Airlines or Central Mountain Air. From there you can take a water taxi to Cortes. If you’re considering this route, let Julie know and she’ll do a water taxi group booking. The more people who go together the more affordable.

Driving Directions

From Horseshoe Bay take the 11 am ferry to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island (arriving at 12:40 pm).

Take Hwy 19 North to Campbell River (about 1 hour and 45 minutes). Exit right on Hwy 19A at North Campbell River and follow signage to Quadra/ Cortes Ferries.

(If you want to make the 2:30 ferry at Campbell River don’t dilly-dally. It’s a tight connection. If you miss it, no worries you can catch the 3:30 pm ferry.)

Take BC Ferries to Quadra Island (at 2:30 or 3:30 pm) and follow road signs to Cortes Island Ferry (10 min). Drive directly to the ferry terminal to make your connection.

Take BC Ferries to Cortes Island (3:05 or 5:05 pm). It’s a 45-minute ferry ride.

Follow the signs to Smelt Bay Provincial Park, watch for Highfield Road on the left (17 km from ferry terminal) after passing through Manson’s Landing village (45 min).

Arrive in time for dinner at 6:30 pm!


  1. Your passport, if you’re traveling to Canada.

  2. Casual, out-doorsy gear.

  3. Warm layers for chilly nights.

  4. Easy-off shoes – you'll need to take them off to enter each building.

  5. Warm socks.

  6. Hiking boots, running shoes or other practical outdoor footwear.

  7. A rain jacket.

  8. Swim suit for the hot tub (or ocean!)

  9. Flip flops for hot tubs, shared bathrooms.

  10. A flashlight for getting to and from buildings in the evenings. This is important because it’s really dark!

  11. Alarm clock and/or a watch or phone. Plus all the required charging devices.

  12. Medications, sunscreen, toiletries.

  13. Non-glass water bottle.

  14. Earplugs (in case your roommate is a snorer).

  15. Hollyhock accepts VISA, MasterCard, debit cards, CDN or US cash. They do not accept checks.


Hollyhock has long been known for its restorative massage and bodywork. Pre-booking bodywork appointments two weeks before arrival to ensure the best availability of sessions. Call 1-800-933-6339 ext. 259.

A great time to book a massage is on the afternoon of October 1, which is our afternoon off. Or, on any day between 4:30 - 6:30 pm, which is a free time slot.


But, you can still get online and get some work done while you’re at Fireworks. Wireless internet is available in the lodge. Internet speed is sufficient for email and sending average files, but not for large video files or Skype calls. The lodge is always open.


Please do not bring the following to Hollyhock:

  • Perfumes and scents

  • Valuables

  • Animal companions