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What the Internet loves

This page provides links to trending topics on a variety of websites and social media channels. Dipping into this for a few minutes each week will enable you to keep track of online trends, and get a better grip on what the Internet loves.

  1. Popular on Reddit 
  2. Rising on Reddit
  3. Trending on Twitter in Canada and worldwide
  4. Navigate to Vancouver on Trendsmap to see more local Twitter trends
  5. Trending on YouTube
  6. Popular on Pinterest
  7. Trending on Tumblr
  8. Popular on Imgur
  9. Instagram
  10. Snapchat

Other sites Darren keeps an eye on

These are a mishmash of aggregators, blogs and other random sites that Darren keeps an eye on:

  • Springwise - Great trend-spotting site.
  • Mic - Interesting progressive media site.
  • Belong - Distills what's happening in a particular Twitter subculture.
  • Latest - Mostly around the ad agency world, but produces some interesting links.
  • 5 Ideas - Five interesting articles each day, also available as a newsletter.
  • Nuzzel - If you're on Twitter, Nuzzel can summarize stories from people you follow.
  • Waxy - A venerable link blog.
  • Metafilter - The Internet's oldest group blog. Darren is quite old. 
  • Remarkables list - Darren's database of remarkables
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