A Year of Remarkables

52 Inventive Communications and Fundraising Campaigns

Download our latest free e-book showcasing some of our favourite Remarkables over the years. Our e-book covers innovative communications and fundraising campaigns from around the globe. Explore campaign stories throughout their entire lifecycle, from sewing the first seeds of a new program to harvesting the best results!

Here's a sampling of the thought-provoking ideas you'll find inside: 

  • Faroe Islanders bring missing technology to their remote home by inventing “Google Sheep View.”

  • A single viral tweet turns into a nationwide campaign to show newcomers they are safe from xenophobia.

  • One company reimagined themselves as MailShrimp, WhaleSynth and other fun, fake offerings to prove it's all about the product.

  • In Taiwan, students depict the unappetizing effects of pollution by creating 100 popsicles made from the country's polluted lakes and rivers.

Dip into a Year of Remarkables from all over the globe.

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